The Biggest Tribute To Paul Walker | See You Again Has Become The Most Viewed Video In YouTube History

The Biggest Tribute To Paul Walker | See You Again Has Become The Most Viewed Video In YouTube History…

see you again


see you again

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“See You Again” is a song by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth that was featured as a soundtrack for Fast and Furious series in 2015 which is now the most watched video in YouTube with 2.9 billion views.

The song was basically a tribute to Paul Walker, one of the lead actors in the series who died in a car crash and his sudden death shocked the whole world back in 2013. ‘See you again’ music video has overtaken Psy’s Gangnam Style that was the song by South Korean singer, which stood as most viewed video on YouTube for five years.

see you again

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Gangnam Style was an irritating yet captivating song which became 2012 anthem with 2,896,175,327 views on YouTube till July 12, 2017. The sentimental track ‘See you again’ was written for Furious 7 that was released in 2015 which has surpassed the Psy’s track Gangnam style with more than 2.905,416,620 views on YouTube.

The song was also the Grammy and Oscar nominated track, though it didn’t win any awards, but in 2015 it was the top song in Billboards that continued to top the charts for 11 weeks. The music video is quite emotional and includes glimpses of Paul Walker throughout the series and it revolves around the theme of family and stuff. Paul was the most versatile and beloved cast member of the series and it was ghastly pathetic for the fans to never see him again in the series.

see you again


According to the sources, Wiz Khalifa said “Thank you guys for making See You Again the #1 most viewed video in YouTube history. Your love and support is very much appreciated.” Charlie Puth was also amazed and tweeted on Monday about how he expected only 10.000 views for his first video on YouTube in 2007.

see you again

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This video is over two years old, and has gained ore than six million views than Gangnam style. But, it may not last longer as Luis Fonsi’s song featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, Despacito has already gathered 2.5 billion views in six months. This is a first Puerto Rican song that topped the charts of Billboards this summer and probably will overtake See You Again soon.


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