qatar crisis

Qatar Crisis: Burn The Midnight Oil

Qatar Crisis: Burn The Midnight Oil…

qatar crisis

Qatar in the last 2 days experienced what it feels when your neighbour walks out on you instead of bailing you out of it. Qatar Experienced Diplomatic Distress from fellow brethren of the Gulf. It was abandoned on the charge of Supporting Regional Islamist Groups, which includes, The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas ,which is designated as Militant Islamist Group by some Countries. While there is a catch to it Qatar’s Diplomatic relations were also suspended because of its Relation with Shia led IRAN which is also the Arch rival of Sunni ruled Saudi Arabia. The Countries which have abandoned Qatar are some of the most powerful Arab countries. Bahrain– Egypt – Saudi Arabia – UAE, which further led other countries such as Libiya, Maldives and Yemen. What befalls on Qatari people is what the labours of the football stadium experienced, which is still not complete and might take more time. Qatar and Saudi Arabia trade FMCG. Saudi exports Qatar vegetables. The rise in price created a rush in the market for the people.

While one of the vital airlines, Qatar Airways lost many potential flights and many destination based ones. The plan to host World Cup might affect and the labour would like to rush back to their own domicile. Qatar’s Route with UK is also in a stiff position if the Suez Canal is blocked by Egypt, then it will be a disaster for the Country who wanted to host the World cup in 2022. In all of this where does our country stand? Well, India is dependent on Qatar not just for oil, but several other things which include machinery, vehicles, precious metals and Gems. Our strategic relations are also in its satisfactory. While Qatar had deals to invest in India. It has not spent a single Qatari riyal yet. If Qatar found itself driven against the wall then it will resort to invest in India to maintain the export of LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas).

The population share of the Indians in Qatar is 25%, while these people used to send back some  amount of sustenance back home which might decrease with the uphold in Qatar. At the Drop of a hat, it will prove magnanimously profitable to America as it signed a defence deal of $110 billion with Gulf Nations. Also, The US wanted to limit the Oil production of Iran for which Qatar had issues. Qatar restrained by GCC  helps US as it will ensure a thorough check on the production of oil, which competes with its shale gas production. The price of Oil might drop because of less cooperative measures taken by the oil producing nations which might lead to increase in production.

All this will lead to one thing which is Region Based disturbance whose foundation has been laid down. The sheer benevolence of  humanity dawns on itself.

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