Ranveer Singh mimicked the vetern actor Manoj Kumar


Manoj Kumar is the veteran actor of the Hindi cinema and  has done a lot of good work for the Hindi indusry. Audience is still know him by his movie names for example Bharat and the Darti ke Lal because his movies were surrounded by the feeling of patriotic like Kranti,Purbha Pachim, many more..


But nobody take him for granted, one might have remembered when shaharuk khah imitate his hand gesture in Om Shanti Om. Manoj kumar was  so offended by that and he dragged the actor  and director in the court but the matter was solved by the SRK and Faraha Khan when they met and apologise to the actor at his  home. He said that the SRK line up was below the belt and he would not tolerat such kind of offend toward his  acting.However the new is a decade has started  now but the time is nearly changed and now Ranveer  Singh has mimmked that senior actor .


Which Ranveer has posted on social media and captioned as still working on the Manoj Kumar gesturing. In the video he is also trying to mimkic and give a pose like Manoj on the beachfront.This time Manoj Kumar seems in a light mood with the video and has not created the hassle like the last time, in fact he like the video of Ranveer Singh and commented on social media that the act which Ranveer has done was  kind of funny and on a right track but what Shahruk did was not the one which was accepted.


People are in a shock that the drastic scene which he created last time will not   happen again.  Ranveer Singh also added that he was a great admire f Manoj Kumar. Manoj further added that Ranveer is a fine actor. He has seen his film Band Baaja Baaraat in which he has done a good job.

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