This Is How Sarahah Has Become The Biggest Platform For Cyber Bullying

By | August 16, 2017

This Is How Sarahah Has Become The Biggest Platform For Cyber Bullying!

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Although the Arabic word Sarahah means honesty and frankness, the recently viral Sarahah app acts as a threat in social media. Basically, the app allows the user to send messages to one another anonymously, while the receiver would never know who send the message and has no way to reply to it. So, as the app doesn’t reveal the identity of the sender, people take advantage of this by trolling, bullying and criticism.

sarahah, sarahah app, sarahah apk download

Sarahah app was created by Zain-al-Abidin Tawfiq, the Saudi programmer with the aim of using it for feedback services in business and confessing thoughts between friends through sending constructive messages. The application is designed for iPhone and Android users for sending secret messages, and in fact is the most popular free app on Apple app store. Within six months of its launch, either its Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram these social networks got flooded with Sarahah messages. Downloading this app is actually a bad decision, one can do this at their own risk because using it can lead to depression and anxiety, and especially those people who are sensitive and can’t stand abusive trolls and harassing remarks.

The Sarahah App is most popular among teenagers as they find this app interesting and addictive. The unique concept of this app may sound exciting, but many haters are misusing the application for cyber-bullying by sending body shaming comments and questioning people’s life and personality in an abusive manner. People using the app can take the comments seriously which is disturbing, and which should be now the major concern of parents.

sarahah, sarahah app, sarahah apk download

These applications are designed for specific purposes, and people should realize this that using it for bullying, harassing and stuff is an offence. The app developer still can reveal the identity if the victim of cyber-bullying asks him to do so. Thus, it is better to use the app meticulously and not to download or promote it anymore.


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