sex education in India

Sex Education In India- A Taboo

Sex Education in India!

Social taboos can either be good or bad depending upon a variety of factors such as cultural, social, ethical, and moral that constantly influence a particular region or a society. In today’s modernized world where science and technology have invaded every aspect of our lives, social taboos no longer seem to impact people.

Sex education is a commonly debated issue.  People think such delicate issues should not be discussed publicly. Even Parents feel embarrassed to talk openly with their children in this regard. Where sex education should be started right from home, but it’s opposite of all. Parents feel reluctant to talk about such matters with their children. Sex is still considered a taboo in Indian society.

sex education in India

Many NGOs are trying to create awareness about AIDS. Sex education can help people to take decisions regarding health and sexuality.  Sex-education should be introduced in schools for the benefit of the youth of the country. It is high time to educate our youth and children. Because these days sexually transmitted diseases are becoming commonly prone diseases. There has been an alarming increase in instances of AIDS, unwanted unplanned pregnancies and other disease related to sex, there is an immense need for sex education in the country.

sex education in India

Mental and physical changes start appearing in a much earlier stage these days in children. They need to be educated with these changes due to puberty. When a child starts transforming into an adult and his physical body have also taken changes. Many children find it strange or difficult to cope up with the changes. So it is very important to provide them sex education. It makes growing children aware of the various changes taking place in their own bodies and prepares them for responsible adulthood.

sex education in India

Where sex education should start right from home parents depend on schools and colleges for educating their children regarding this. Parents should understand the psyche of their children. Subjects, which are passed off as taboo by them, would be pursued by their children to break the orthodox barriers. Parents should initiate their children in the meaning of love.

sex education in India

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On the other hand, school and colleges also doesn’t take serious steps for giving sex-education to students. The conclusion is that children become more and more curious about the matter. When things are hidden from them and nobody openly discloses or educates them about it, they may take some wrong steps.

It is time for sex-education to be introduced in the educational curriculum. Sex education in schools would dispel many of the myths prevalent among school children. Another reason cited for the introduction of sex-education in school is the spurt in incidents of physical assault on minors. Sex-education will create a liberal thinking among youth.





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