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10 Slang Words You Should Know

Slangs have become a part of our daily lives and sometimes they are just too prompt to catch up with. By now, we are familiar with YOLO, ASAP, TY, WC, TTYL, LOL,RT, TC, WTF and so many more.  But the internet world isn’t very limited. New words keep on coming over the social media and then you’re just left wondering it’s exact meaning.

slang words

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To make your life a bit easier, here are the most used popular slangs and phrases and their meanings that you should know so as to avoid any confusion.

  1. The number 1 on our list is “BAE”

This has to be the word of the century! Come on, the word has been trending like no other. Bae is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else or Before Anything else. It is also just another word for ‘Babe’ or ‘Baby’

However, as per Urban Dictionary, the word Bae defines poop in Danish.

2.) The next to top the list is “AF”

Anything in higher degree/amounts ultimately means AF. AF stands for “As F**k.”

So when someone says “The fries were good AF”, you know what they mean.


Remember those instagram pictures of people with their friends hash-tagged as squad goes, my squad, and whatnot? Yeah, squad simply refers to your gang or group of friends.

4.) HMU

“Hit me up” Which means catching up with me. Usually used while talking to a long-lost friend over text.

5.) The much cooler one “JSYK”

JSYK is an acronym for Just So You Know. It is basically the new and a much cooler version of the FYI (For your information)

6.) POTD

This could have several implications. Mostly used by Facebook and instagrammers, POTD is a Post / Picture of the day. However, people even use it in several ways to highlight the special thing for the day by replacing the initial. Eg. Outfit of the day aka OOTD!

7.) TBT

Much after TGIF, it was TBT that’s been trending. TBT, meaning Throwback Thursday is when you post an old memory or a picture on Thursday.

Some even use the FBF (Flashback Friday) to do the same.

8.) Are you having FOMO?

FOMO aka ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is a fear which people feel if they are being missed out, especially when it’s an event or any other fun stuff.

9.) The classic ‘IDGAF’

This is also a newer way and  the sassier way of saying IDC (I don’t care)

IDGAF stands for ‘I Don’t Give A F***k’

10.) PAW!

This slang is used as a code word. It means ‘Parents Are Watching.’

So the next time your friend replies “PAW” for a Snapchat, you know what it means.

These are just a few from the exhausting list. Slangs can be confusing and too annoying, but IMO (in my opinion), it’s always better to know them!

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