Sridevi is excited about Jhanvi’s film debut

Jhanvi Kapoor is going to do her Bollywood debut soon.Yes this right, the daughter of Sridevi who knows her best filmy career and enjoyed the best time with her peak career, is now ready to give advice to her dougher Jhanvi Kapoor.According to the source, Jhanvi Kapoor will do her filmy debut with Karan Johar’s film.We all know that Karan is a popular mentor of Alia Batt, Varun Dawan and Siddharth Malhotra is now likely to called Jhanvi mentor too.When asked, Sridevi she is excited about her elder daughter debut, as a mother she will always encourage her children to choose the right.

Jhanvi is already famous for her celebs chared for taking this glamorous industry.Sridevi said that she is happy about the choice of her daughter. Bollywood is filled with this news because of these young celebs to take part in the cinematic culture.The pressure is more than enough so parents are quite a nervousness and guide their children about the pro and cons of the glamour world.

Sara Khan is also debuting in film industries so the comparison is quite high this time.How will these two young ladies work under a certain pressure is quite noticeable?Jhanvi starre movies named as Dhadak is going on the floor next month.Earlier the new was that Sridevi is not like that Jhanvi choose film industry as a career of herself because it is not the kind of zone which she referred to her daughter.

But when Jhanvi decide to chose this platform as her major then Sridevi supports her daughter with ample energy and quite excited about the project. Asking about the comparison with Sara Khan, she said that this the competitive world where positive competitive nature enhances the actor as a whole.So this is inevitable to happen and nobody will avoid this feeling.


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