Syrian Crisis Explained

By | February 6, 2017

Syrian crisis explained!

The entire world is worried about Syria, as the happenings in this country for a prolonged period of time has produced a disastrous effect on the country.  So, what is really happening there? Here is an account of the unhumanitarian acts in Syria. The conflict started as an uprising for democracy. The Syrian crisis was an offshoot of the 2011 Arab Spring. The crisis started as a minor problem in a small city in the southern part of the country, where few 13 year old school boys wrote anti-government graffiti on their school walls. They were later arrested and tortured for their anti government acts. People started protesting in the streets asking for the release of those school boys. Slowly the demonstrations started spreading all over the country, which was controlled with heavy handedness by the government.

syrian crisis explained


syrian crisis explained

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, the son of Syria’s former dictator head Hafez al-Assad inherited the same quality from his father. In April 2011, just a few days after lifting the country’s decades’ old state of emergency, the President sent tanks to protesting cities and started firing against demonstrators. This was the spark that turned a peaceful protest violent. The protests which were initially started only on the need of democratic rule and greater freedom became a nationwide demand for Assad’s resign. In spite of his promise to make some compromise about the way the country was run; the protestors didn’t believe him and continued their demonstrations on the streets of Syria. This act of President Assad was highly condemned by Us and other countries for his dictatorial rule.


syrian crisis explained


Violence was rampant throughout the country. The country was divided into government forces and rebel forces and brigades were also formed as they fought to take control of the cities. Most fighting and high civilian death rate were seen in Damascus and Aleppo.  It was in summer 2011, thousands of soldiers launched attack against the government, thus pushing the country on the verge of “Civil War” as declared by the UN. This was ensued by the formation of multitude rebel groups with divisions based on ideological, ethnic and sectarian basis. The fight against the President and the government army is done by multitude group of rebels which is estimated to be nearly hundred different groups. This chaotic situation made the country weak as the entire attention was focused on this issue.


syrian crisis explained


The situation was further complicated by the entry of an Extremist group IS (Islamic State) from the neighboring country, Iraq, in early 2014 and slowly started taking over the country. The chaotic war in the country provided them the best platform to gain control over Syria. Now Syria apart from its civil war had another major task of protecting people against this terrorist group which started spreading its tentacles all over the country by then killing people who don’t agree with their view.


syrian crisis explained

This is where USA, UK and other countries enter the picture and they attempted to stop IS through airstrike killing innocent people as well.  This warlike situation forced millions of people to flee from their country go in search of a refuge place through the ship and other illegal methods most of them losing their life in the middle. This leads to another problem for the other countries in the world the refugee problem. All the systems came to halt in Syria. Schools were not functioning anymore and no basic medical services available for the civilians. These people started knocking the doors of other countries to take them in as refugees. A few countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and European countries voluntarily took people in; others resisted it as it was a matter of security threat.

syrian crisis explained

The UN tried its best by sending its workers and volunteers provide basic necessary facilities like food and medical emergency as the people were desperately in need of it., but later as the situation became tense leaving even the volunteers injured, made them to withdraw their support. For now, the majority of the countries are trying to work out if there is another way to help Syria achieve peace. But for the time being, the conflict continues, leaving people in a helpless state. Let us in a more humanitarian way by doing our best in helping them.



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