Nothing Goes Hard Even After 41 Days-Why Is The Central Government Deaf?

Nothing Goes Hard Even After 41 Days-Why Is The Central Government Deaf?

Villages are the backbone of India and farmers are those who make the backbone strengthen by adding calcium in the form of agriculture to it. These days there are no respect or discounts and merely no basic needs satisfied for the farmers.

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“Even the nicest people have their limits”-Tamil Nadu farmers have attained their saturation point and now they have erupted and are staging protest in Delhi to meet their demands.

The protest is taking place in Jantar Mantar, Delhi for the past 41 days.


Tamil Nadu farmers have kept simple demands to the government.

  • Tamilnadu has to announce as drought state and farmers have to be provided with Rs.40, 000 compensation.
  • To connect rivers across the country to meet the water scarcity.
  • To instruct the central banks to discount the loans borrowed by them.

They have kept forward these basic demands and are protesting with all props.



Farmers have taken a unique way of protest by using props. They took mice in their mouth and mimed eating the mice. This is because when there is no other food people end up in eating the mice during drought. This indicates the inability of the country.

Farmers also used the skulls of other farmers who committed suicide due to their difficulties in paying the loans. Then they stripped themselves in front of the prime minister’s office to show their offence. These ways of protest have brought dramatic attention of media towards them.

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Farmers were initially happy that their protest was genuinely captured by the media. But one media person honestly confessed that, “my editor doesn’t want to publish articles on farmers, but they have asked me to gather dramatic images which can rise the TRP”. This broke all the beliefs of farmers protesting. Even after hearing this they are continuing their protest.



Today, 23/4/2017: Tamilnadu CM Mr.K Palaniswami has met the farmers protesting and got the demand letter. They believe that their demands will be sorted.



The opposition parties of Tamilnadu have announced a state closure on Tuesday. They have invited the ruling party and all traders to participate in the closure to show their opposition.

If this continues, farmers have no other go other than ending their lives.


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