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Flyers Get Ready To Visit The Experience Of The New Terminal 2 By The End Of October

Flyers Get Ready To Visit The Experience Of The New Terminal 2 By The End Of October….

The crowded chaos at terminal 1 would soon get relief from October.  In a meeting of aviation minister with the stakeholders it was decided that the low cost carriers like Indigo, Spice jet and GoAir or some other domestic flights will be soon shifted to terminal 2 in upcoming winter schedule. However decongestion of terminal 1 will only get sought once the peak season, i.e. Diwali on 29 October gets over.

terminal 2


In the meeting conducted by aviation ministry, i.e. Jayant Sinha, the low cost carriers were given time to decide on the shifting of flights. They can decide if someone will move operations completely to T2 or shift on a pro rata basis. The final call will be taken by the consulting ministry if the airline companies fail to take decision in three weeks.

The decision of making terminal 2 was made for the over passengers visiting terminal 1. The overall capacity of terminal 1 is to carry around 2 crore passengers, but it handles around 3 crore flyers. By shifting domestic LCC flights, there would be shift in 1 crore passengers. This will increase T1’s annual passenger handling to 3-3.5 crore in three years.

At the end of the week the Delhi airport will showcase its master plan to public instructed by the government.

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