things to do in Auckland at night

10 Amazing Things To Do In Auckland At Night

After spending a blossoming day in Auckland with its bustling city centers on one hand and the picturesque landscapes and coastlines on the other, are you wondering about the things to do in Auckland at night? Yes, here we are!

As the sun goes down, the lights go on and the never experienced night of fun and frolic begins. Not only does the beauty of Auckland increase manifold, one gets the golden opportunity of hanging out with the most interesting people-the Auckland fellows.


Here are some never to miss things to do in Auckland at night …


Piha Beach – A Perfect Sight For Refreshment And Rejuvenation

Things To Do In Auckland At Night

Where can one find warmth and coziness? On the bed? If that is the only thing that comes to your mind, visiting Piha beach in the Waiheke ranges of Auckland is a must. After enjoying this unique experience of walking on the warm and cozy volcanic black soil of the beach which captures the heat of the intense rays of the sun with the feet being frequently washed by the cold waves, one must always plan to go for canoeing at night.  Exploring this wonderland in the darkness is one of the things to do at night which takes all the weariness of the day away and very smoothly transfers you from Auckland ’s beauty at day to its unimaginable loveliness of the night- a night which cannot be described but can only be felt by the heart and adored by the eyes.


Romance And Beach Vibes

Fun Things To Do In Auckland

For the couples who wish to spend some time in solace after the sunset, strolling hand in hand and falling in love with the dazzling yachts while enjoying their ice-cream at the Viaduct harbor is indeed one of the most romantic things to do in Auckland at night.

The first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of color….”

Visiting Auckland sea Kayaks to experience the bursts of golden on lavender melting into saffron at sunset gives you a break from the city lights of main Auckland-the largest city of New Zealand. This spectacular sunset is one of those moments of your life which you will cherish forever.


Do you think golf can only be played in the daylight? Visit Lilliput Mini Golf and relish the moments of night time golf. If golf is not your cup of tea, one of the most thrilling things to do in Auckland at night is a sleepover in between the fish and sharks. One loses complete sense of time in experiencing this underwater life offered at Life Kelly Tarlton’ s Aquarium. This is perhaps the only chance you will get to set up beds and lights under the sea life.

During summers, animals usually prefer to stay under the shade away from the searching human eyes. During this time of the year, it is best to go for night safari rides because the chances of spotting animals become very high as the sun sets and the night approaches. Your night walk accompanied only by the lit torches takes you into a magical world leaving you breathless. Not only this, but one also has a great time enjoying satisfying dinner. This can be a fantastic experience for zoophiles and nature lovers.


Relive The Hell

Fun Things To Do In Auckland for adults

For the people who are daring, the best thing to do in Auckland at night is to go to the Spookers.   Spookers is the New Zealand’ s only haunted attraction theme park which gives you a chance to relive the hell.


Hey, Bon Viveurs!

best food in auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’ s only twenty-four-hour driving range. Do you crave for food even after a dense and hearty dinner during the long hours of the night made short with the list of these things to do in Auckland at night?  No worries! Because some cafes such as The White Lady serving burgers, Kiss Kiss Lady serving cocktails and mouth-watering food. Gogo Music Café serves spicy stir always remain open until four throughout Auckland so that there is no break to your merrymaking and revelry until sunrise. Some places to catch live music at the wee hours of the night are Ponsonby Social Club, Danny Doolan, Flight 605 and Orleans.


Ready For The Adrenaline Pump?

Things To Do In Auckland At Night

After being captivated by the twinkling lights in Auckland at night, one desires for a fun-filled day. Here are some fun things to do in Auckland for adults-

Sky Tower in Auckland offers not only stunning views for photographers but also a revolving restaurant for food lovers and skywalk for the daring ones. Ecozip adventures provide a forest walk in the Waiheke island which is a perfect place for adventurers and nature lovers. From on sight dining and catering to wine tasting, this is a paradise for the bon viveurs. In addition to this, Auckland also has a theme based adventure park which is famous for its thrilling rides-Rainbows End Adventure Park.


Sit Back At The Top

Things To Do In Auckland At Night

Things To Do In Auckland At Night

One must also plan a picnic at Mount Edens or Mount Saint Johns which gives you alluring views of the city. While enjoying this picnic, not only does one experience the scenic beauty of Auckland which is famous for the coalescing of the natural and the urban life- vast harbours, peaceful islands and vibrant city landscape ; one also gets a chance to take a break from the busy schedule of the day and relive the beautiful moments spent in the beautiful city.


                                                                      Sail And Experience Paradise

albert park auckland

Since Auckland is also known as the city of the sails, a cruise on a classic yacht is a must. Chartering your own boat can even be more thrilling and enjoyable if you have sailing experience and the wind is suitable for the purpose. Ferrying across to Deven port and having a café lunch is something which nobody wishes to miss. After the ferry, one also enjoys going through the WW2 tunnels built under the Albert Park during the second world war. Albert Park can also serve as a picnic spot if you desire a small break after going through the tunnels.

Fun things to do in Auckland for adults also include visiting the Auckland museum because besides being an educational center like any other museum, it is also a fun place with shaky earthquake houses and daily performances. Climbing on Auckland bridge gives you an adrenaline rush and is a perfect sight for photographs.

The city has so many fun things to do in Auckland for adults and romantic things to do at night that a trip must be planned at least for two-three days. However, it is better not to cancel the trip if you have less time. After all, something is better than nothing. So here we are with the Auckland point of interests that you can travel within one day if you race against the clock- Waiheke island, ferry across Deven Port, a visit to the sky towers and sunset at Piha beach are the things to do in Auckland today. Hope this article on things to do in Auckland at night helps you plan your trip in a better way…


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