With This New Third-Party App, You Can Send Any File Format via WhatsApp

With This New Third-Party App, You Can Send Any File Format via WhatsApp…

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With over 1.2 billion users, Whatsapp has made its way long. In the recent times, it has come up with diverse features like voice calling, video calling, end-to-end encryption and the latest one being story-based status.


Though many additions came into force, one disability made people irksome i.e. WhatsApp was limited to only two file formats, .doc and .pdf. And, now there’s a way to exercise all types of file formats using a free third-party app called SendAnyFile via Whatsapp. This app is not only confined to Whatsapp but also some preeminent services like Facebook Messenger, Hike etc. can employ it. However, this app is now accessible to Android users only.

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How to send files via Whatsapp?

There are two methods by which you can send any file format via Whatsapp

  • Go to File Manager and then “Share” your file to the ‘SendAnyFile’ app. After the processing of your file, you can send it via Whatsapp and other messaging services.
  • Choose ‘SendAnyFile’ from the file chooser window. Select the file you want to send and it will be listed as a .doc file and then you can send it via Whatsapp.


Source : Android Authority

If you get a file from someone using the SendAnyFile app on Whatsapp, then you can easily set it as your default app for opening .doc files. After opening the received file with the app, the original file will be saved to your SD card.

The developer of the SendAnyFile app declares that the users can enjoy the quality images with zip, .rar, .avi and other file formats via WhatsApp.





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