5 Traditional Indian Games

Traditional Indian Games!


Traditional Indian Games

Pallanguli is a traditional game of south India. It is similar to board games.

Pallanguli is a box which has bits of 2 rows and 7 columns. Each pit is filled with 6 seeds. The fill is either seeds of tamarind or shells.

The rule of the game:

A player picks up his seeds from anyone of his pit. He adds each seed in the fore coming poets. When the seeds are over at a particular pit, he can pick up all the seeds present in the pit.

The interesting part is when it gets over in your opponent’s pit, you score more.

The winner is declared with the largest number of seeds.

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Traditional Indian Games

Chaupar is a board game played in ancient india.evidences says that this game was played by gods.

In Chaupar a board is made of wool or cotton strips. This is a dice based game. The ultimate aim of this game is to enter the home. The coins used are called ‘saari’.A saari can enter the home only when it gets matured that is pakka or pakki stage.

The twist in the game is when a series of another player comes to spot he hits the Saari and the player has to start from first.

The winner is declared when he reaches the home first.

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Traditional Indian Games

Asta chamma is similar to ludo.In ludo we play with 4 coins and those coins are moved towards home.

The coins are moved by rolling dice. The first person who makes all his four coins into home is the winner.asta chamma one the other hand was played to teach the prince of those eras the strategic methods to conquer.

Asta chamma was also helpful to develop eye-eye co-ordination. This game involves thinking and planning.

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Traditional Indian Games

Satoliya is a simple game which needs 30 seconds to assemble. 7 stones are arranged one above another. Usually there are coloured and in ascending shapes.

The game is played between two teams. One team has to throw a ball and disperse the collection of stones. The other team has to collect all seven stones and arrange them without getting hit by the ball.

It is also called Lagori, dikori or lagoori.

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Traditional Indian GamesCaturanga is the origin of chess. Chess was invented in India. Chaturanga was invented in the Gupta period to teach strategies and moves.

The board game is controlled by dice. Four teams are set up and each team has its king, queen and soldiers.

This game is played in 8X8 checker board with special markings on it.

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