trump’s first foreign trip

Trump’s First Foreign Trip Has Infuriated Remaining countries And This Is What They Had To Say

Trump’s First Foreign Trip Has Infuriated Remaining countries And This is what they had to say…

U.S. President Donald Trump’s first foreign trip has created ballyhoo across the world. Remaining countries showed their animosity towards Trump’s eight-day, five country itinerary. He was scheduled to visit first Saudi Arabia and then Israel, The Vatican, Belgium, and Italy.

trump’s first foreign trip

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For the first time, his wife Melani Trump has accompanied her for the itinerary. According to the Borowitz Report, the remaining countries seem to be unhappy with his foreign tour and confessed that they’d rather “wait a month” and meet with the next President instead.

Many sarcastic comments were made on Trump’s itinerary. Hendrik van de Valde, a travel minister for the Belgian government said, “It makes no sense for us to roll out the red carpet for Trump when there is going to be a completely different guy in the White House in a month”. And also, the Belgian said that they look forward to hosting the next U.S. President, be it Mike Pence or Paul Ryan or whoever it is. (The New Yorker-satire)

His main incentive for his foreign tour is to build and strengthen old friendships and seek new partners and create an alliance between the countries. (According to his commencement address).

Today, he is scheduled to visit Belgium and meet Belgium’s king Philippe and Prime Minister Charles Michel. Then, he will head to meet the E.U. and European Council Presidents. He is also going to have a lunch with President Emmanuel Macron of French.

trump’s first foreign trip

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Trump is also expected for a NATO meeting and dinner. Leaders of the 28 NATO countries are expected to dine with Trump today in Brussels.

One of the NATO ministers made a sardonic comment on Trump saying, “We don’t see why we should be speaking to Donald Trump when even Melania isn’t doing that.”

Even his own nation is not in favor on his trip and the majority of Americans now favor a travel ban. There is such an irony, where once, Trump was into the Muslim ban and now, took a trip to the Middle East countries and enjoyed a nosh-up. And, the same is in the case of NATO, where once, he threatened them, and now creating an alliance to take part in counter-terrorism and fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.



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