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Now It Is The Turn Of Rahul Gandhi This October To Become The Chief

Now It Is The Turn Of Rahul Gandhi This October To Become The Chief…

One of the most dramatic changes will soon take a place when Rahul Gandhi will take over the reins of congress in October. This much predicted change will come forward of the key assembly elections and just one and half years before the Lok Sabha  poll.

rahul gandhi

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The calendar for organisational elections were formally approved by the congress working committee and is currently under process. The internal polls postponed by two years have set a month long schedule for the election of congress president, state president and state bodies from September 16 to October 15.

During this time Rahul Gandhi would be taking over, confirmed by a senior congress man. Due to Rahul’s reluctant to handle his duties that are done by his mother led to two year delay in organisational elections. Rahul has taken center stage for his party issues from the last few months. These affairs include chair meetings and deciding on appointments. Some CWC members said Rahul should address the press on the deliberation day. The huge age gap between son and mother would set a milestone in regards to the generation gap. It is just only for his son that Sonia Gandhi will step down from her 18 years long position by registering in nomination for the top job.

For the whole Gandhian clan, Rahul Gandhi would be the fifth member to hold the reins of congress, but this time with chief designate widely seen as reluctant draftee. October elevation would act as a testing time in view of strings attaches to end year assembly poll. Gujarat seems to be the major barrier in the way of congress because it’s known to be the main hub of Prime Minister Narendar Modi. Currently hey seems to be weak against BJP.Himachal Pradesh known as a congress ruled state, is another serious problem. The negative outcome from Rahul’s elevation can hamper the mood of the party. This would be soon followed by another difficult contest in congress ruled in Karnataka in May 2018.

Rahul attached BJP in CWC meetings, saying that the saffron camp was just to fool around people in order to hide the government failures.


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