The Unknown History Of Cakes

Cakes are one of the most loved foods of all time, which has an interesting history.


The origin of the cake was originally found to be from Egypt. In 18th Century cakes were baked after ingredients like flour and sugar were found. Egyptians claimed that they were bored with the game meat and started trying this new recipe with flour, but for sweetening honey was used instead of sugar.

Initially they baked cakes as offerings to the gods or kings. As flour, and sweetening agents were found costly cake was a high-feed dish. This is why cake is given to important people as an expression of love and care.

The earlier day’s cakes were made with grains with molds cooked on hot stones. This was more similar to oatmeal cakes or coo                                                                         Image source



The cake was originally not distinguished and was called bread. After a few years the Romans named it as “placenta” derived from a Greek word. It was also called album referred to offerings for gods.

Finally the cake is of Viking origin, from the Norse word “Kaka”.



Angel cakes are symbolized of softness as angels as soft hearted and pure. These cakes are made with egg whites, which makes them fluffy.

The inventions of angel cakes ultimately lead to the discovery of devil cakes.

                                                                   Image source


Chocolate cakes, more common in dark colors indicated devil cakes. Chocolate was consumed as sinful food in 18th Century. This is why more chocolate cakes and drinks are named based on Devil these days.

                                                                   Image source

Finally cakes became more common in 19th Century. As a result of the industrial revolution, so the ingredients were easily affordable.

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