The Unsolved Mystery Of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle, the most mysterious place of the 20th Century. The  location is marked between Miami, Florida and Bermuda. It covers nearly 50,000km.This is believed to be the most mysterious place where 20 planes and 50 ships have disappeared so far.It is also called as the “Devils Triangle”. The word ‘Bermuda ’ was first used by Vincent H. Giddiesin, his article written in 1964.

The most notable incidents:- 

Many ships and aircrafts have been disappeared in this region. But, the most notable disappearance, which caught the attention of the people around the world are

  1. Flight 19, which disappeared in 19-  It boarded off with 14 members on Dec 5,but it disappeared without any trace near the Bermuda. This flight 19 consists of 5 TMB Avenger Torpedo Bomber. On the very same week the rescue plane Martin Mariner Fleet Boat which went in search of the lost Flight 19 with 13 members also disappeared,  which grateful the world’s attention.

2. An American Fleet, which took part in the World War 1 also disappeared .The flight was named as UUS Cyclops .It is one of the massive carriers if that time.

  1. A-C 54 which took off in July 3,1947with 6 people vanished in Bermuda, due to the strong storm which is believed to have blown in Bermuda.
  2. Tudor Star Tiger, disappeared in 1948 with 25 passengers.
  3. The disappearance of Flight 441,in 1954 made Bermuda to be considered as the largest infamous mysterious spots of all times. This flight is the most successful model of all times.

This list includes many other famous ships like Witchcraft(luxurious ship) in 1967,Piper Jet (the first piper PA plane) and Trislander in 2008 .

Scientific reasons:

  1. Some scientist believes that the disappearance occurs due to the packets of gases which are released in the Bermuda region due to the seismic activity.These gases are said to be Methyl Hydrate, which has contained the decomposing bacteria.The researchers believe that the gases would have explored when the ships come leading to the sinking of the ship.

  1. The other reason is that this Bermuda is the heart of the areas where often weather changes are predicted and is considered to be the birthplace of many great storms. So the deep trenches and the abnormally high waves in this place would have been the reason for the disappearance of the ships and aircraft.
  1. A group of scientists tells that the randomly distributed large may be the reason behind the disappearance. They suggest that the hexagon cloud which produces air bombs and causes the wind to blow up to 170 mph, which in turn causes the sea level to rise up to 45 feet may be the reason for the disappearance which occur within few seconds.

Some people belonging to the areas believe that the aliens were the reason for, the evidence less disappearance of the ships and there are some who say that the Bermuda triangle does not have any mystery but, it is the misbelief of the people that makes it the world’s haunted place.

Books and Flims:

Various books and Flims have been originated based on the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. Some of the films are:-

  1. Air 77
  2. Gullivers travel
  3. The land that time forgot
  4. Monster island
  5. The Triangle

Some books which are written based on Bermuda triangle are:








1. The Bermuda triangle by Charles Berlitz

2. Into the Bermuda triangle by James Bingh

3. The Fog: A never before by Rob Mac Gregor




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