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Upcoming Gadgets of 2017

All the technology that we see today is just because of the human needs. The old technology is used in the innovation of new technology. The brains of humans are a boon that they have evolved such technologies that we can see and use them and is also proven as a helping hand to all the mankind. We have made a list of some upcoming gadgets of 2017!

Some of these gadgets will be introduced in the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2017:

1.)  Ehang Passenger Drone

upcoming gadgets

Ehang is a Chinese company which came up with the idea of a passenger drone. The company will introduce this in the CES 2017 to help the Military Intelligence. It can be controlled with the help of a remote control. Surely, it will help the Military to boast their border patrols and secret services.


2.)  Wair’s Pollution Fighting Smart Scarf

upcoming gadgets

Well the Scarfs are not only a fashion statement now. The scarfs, they have prepared will help in reducing the daily intake of pollutant gases and will also help in fighting with dust. In cities like Beijing and New Delhi it can be proven as a boon for the residents. Hope, we would see this product in the market soon.


3.)  The Hyperloop

upcoming gadgets

Imagine the travel time between the cities Mumbai and Delhi to be only 55 minutes. The Hyperloop Project is a Dream come true project for India. The lightning fast trains travelling in a vacuum tube and at the cost of train fares will surely increase hopes for jolly days of Indian Railways.


4.) Wound Sealing Laser Pens

upcoming gadgets

If a person is on a hike and there arises an emergency condition then it is impossible to help the wounded person, but now we don’t have to worry. The laser pen now can solve this problem also. The lasers now-a-days are not only limited to surgeries. It can do more magical things that we could even think of!


5.)  3D Printer

upcoming gadgets

Many a times, we have seen a person’s photograph in 2D but these 3D printers can convert that 2D photographs into 3D (by insertion of proper dimensions). Almost any type of object can be made of any material. They can also be used to prepare the prosthetic limbs for the needy persons, these tech will surely create a buzz among the enthusiasts.

These new technologies can be proven both boon or bane and that totally depends upon the man’s wisdom and decisions.

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