What is Omegle – Everything you Need to Know in 2020

Omegle is an online chat website that is free of cost. Using this website people can socialize with others without even registering. The algorithm of the app is such that it randomly creates pairs of users so that they can have one on one chat sessions. The users also have the freedom of chatting anonymously using different usernames like “You”, “Stranger” or whatever they wish to have.

what is omegle

Originally the site started out as a small one but now, studies say that Omegle gains around 150000 pageviews in a day. Also in March 2010 Omegle introduced a video conferencing feature which has given it an edge.

Now Omegle is no more just a website and users can also use the app version. Another interesting fact is that Omegle also introduced a beta version of Spy mode. In this mode the paired strangers could choose someone to be a Spy so that they can ask questions for the two involved in the chat. The only thing is that the spy can only watch the two strangers discuss the answers to the questions they post. They cannot comment or participate in the chat.

However there are some controversies related to the site saying that it might not be safe for users under the age of 18 because the algorithm is not advanced enough to filter pornographic content or nudity. Video chat option can also be used for adult use, and the miners could potentially pretend to be adults to misuse the feature.

Ultimately people love socializing and they feel getting to meet new people might actually be fun. If you use the site in a healthy way it can actually lead to solid friendships, or it can even help to reduce your boredom by talking to strangers and finding out interesting things about them.

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