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Beware Of This WhatsApp Phising Scam….

Beware Of This WhatsApp Phishing Scam….

We receive viral messages in WhatsApp every day from different sources. Recently there was a scam through this message on your most used chatting app. A message came recently tricking name and phone number in exchange of free WhatsApp service.

whatsapp phishing

The message came in this format to many of the users:

*(Use WhatsApp Without Internet) Now You Can Use WhatsApp Without Internet. Whatsapp Company Has launched This Free Service Only For Indian Peoples You Can Do Free Whatsapp Calls And Download Videos , Images ,Audio Without Internet Just Click On Below Link And Confirm Your Mobile Number Service Will Activated Automatically Within 30 Minutes On Your Mobile Number http://free-whatsapp.in/ Click Here to Register.

In India almost 65% of the population uses internet today and almost every user is present in Social Media. There are a few ways by which you can identify this fraud messages in WhatsApp:

  1. Neither WhatsApp nor any other social media can be used without internet.
  2. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook so it is not a company, a service only.
  3. No company would give you free voice call or video call.
  4. As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook domain should be .com not .in as it is registered in USA.

whatsapp phishing whatsapp phishing

The domain name of this phishing message is registered in the name of Ajay Kumar from Gurgaon. Details of this domain are given below

Data source: Whois

If you get this kind of message further do verify it from trusted source. Whatever you might get in internet, they are never free. Try to avoid this type of messages in WhatsApp.

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