windows 10 update

Windows 10 Update: All You Need To Know

Windows 10 Update: All You Need To Know….

Insider Preview has changes to design start menu, added handwriting, Cortana and many more.

windows 10 update

Earlier Microsoft has promised some big changes in Windows 10 with a fall creature update. The new version released have redesigned notifications in the action centre, improved handwriting and stylus support, upgraded Cortana, Edge browser, improved HDR support and more.

Handwriting is getting better support beyond older Corona, new features in the handwriting panel that convert scrawls to text on the fly, while shifting it so that when you lift the pen so you can keep writing. You can now overwrite any selected text. Features like strikethrough, join, split to fix the text and input image with the help of pen have been added. “Where’s my pen?” a new feature that will help you to find the pen where you left earlier has been introduced.

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant have been improved and became better at handwriting too. “Find a website with upcoming event info, or an event poster someone shared in social media,” Microsoft writes for the new Windows 10 update.

Microsoft has added other input features like, you can add emojis to any keyboard via a Windows shortcut. Introduced a new XAML touch keypad that works better when Windows 10 is in tablet mode. Finally, there’s a new “HDR and Advanced Color Settings” page that’ll make it easier to set up your display, should you be so lucky to have one that supports HDR.

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