This Is Why Wolf Is The Best Beard Brand In The Market

Get excited all you beard lovers, the month we’ve been waiting for is finally here. No Shave November has started, and we’ve got some really exciting news for you.

No Shave November, the time of the year when guys let their manliness unfurled by trying to grow a nice beard (no offense to those who still can’t grow one, sorry guys, we feel for you).  But let’s be honest guys, managing a beard is hard, very hard. They grow in patches, irregular for some, being a gift of genetics which everyone is not gifted with. Finally, when they do grow, they come with their own problems like all the itching and rashes and dead hair, men’s grooming is indeed very hard. But worry not, for we’ve got you covered.

To combat all this and get you that awesome, macho beard you always wanted, free of any itching and infections, we present you with WOLF, the emerging giant of male grooming solutions that are 100% natural and effective, just the way you wanted. Wolf male grooming products are premium and all natural, effective to the core, they are for everyone, from teens turned adults who’re just started getting their first beard to the pros of the game, already rocking their solid beard like a legit boss.

Wolf, a Trademark of the Parent firm, Urban Groomers Pvt Ltd, is focused on delivering all natural, premium male grooming products to the youths of today, the focus is delivering the very best of everything available to them.

We know how hot it can get in India in summers, even this No Shave November is not so cold yet, and don’t even think about the level of pollution, that’s just way too high to talk about here, need a separate article. In such scenario, factory-made ingredients in your daily use products like beard oil and beard wax would lead to itching, the growth of bacteria and infections.

Wolf with it 100% essential and natural ingredients consisting products like Almond, Aloe Vera, and Jojoba oil promises you of a healthy, non-itchy free of infection facial hair which will help you express yourself better in today’s world while revitalizing your hair, body beard, and skin.

Wolf is currently selling 4 types of products, all being categorized in oils, wax, and shampoo. They’ve Anti-frizz beard oil, Rejuvenating Beard Growth Oil, Beard, and Moustache wax and Nature’s therapy Beard wash in their range, all being premium products dealing with nourishment and rejuvenating the hair growth while helping you get that perfect beard look, at really affordable prices.

While the Anti-frizz beard oil, priced at Rs. 359 for 30 ml will help you deal with split hair while giving your beard the nourishment, shine, fragrance and softness it needs, the Rejuvenating Beard Growth oil, priced at Rs. 764 for 60 ml, will, as the name suggest, rejuvenate the hair growth with natural recently and Vitamin e, decreasing hair loss and increasing follicular growth.

If you’re one of those who want to style their beard and mustache like your favorite stars, you need the Beard and Moustache Wax, available at Rs. 494 for 50 g. It’ll help you hold hair in the desired style while hydrating the skin which decreases hair loss and guard it against all the dirt and dust. Finally, we have the last product on offer, Nature’s Therapy Beard Wash, at Rs. 315 for 100 ml, it will help you cleanse your beard of all the dust, dirt and grime, thus reducing any chances of infections.  These products together, form the essential range from Wolf which every man who loves his beard or want to grow one this season needs.

So if you’re planning to rock a beard look this November and need help in growing one, or just doesn’t want to experience any of those infections and itching, just soft and smooth hair in desired styles, you know what to look for now. Say goodbye to hair loss, split ends and losing out on hair health, Wolf is here to help you out now, you just need to join the tribe. Let the Wolf help you out get that dream macho look you always craved for in life.

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