Why Visit Paris | 14 Wonderful Reasons To Visit Paris

Why Visit Paris | 14 Wonderful Reasons To Visit Paris…

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Tourism in Paris

The moment we hear the name, Paris, we are lost in beautiful sights.

It’s a city which one will find common in everybody’s wish list of places to pop in.

Every year millions of people visit Paris and that’s why tourism in Paris is a major source of income there.

Well, a trip to Paris can never disappoint anyone. It’s a city for adults and kids alike.

And here we are giving you 14 more reasons to visit Paris.

  1. Most Romantic City

visit paris

Hailed as the city of love, the ultimate Honeymoon destination, Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Paris attracts the couple’s to get lost in its charm and vow endless love to each other.

Well, Paris can also make you fall in love with itself with its mind – boggling beauty.


  1. Food and Wine

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Caramels, Falafel sandwich, Bordier butter, Baguette, Pastries, Kouglof, Macaroons, Chocolat Chaud and the list is quite long. Once you visit Paris, it will revolutionize your dining experience.


  1. Restaurant and Café Culture

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The restaurants will also surprise you as Paris has got 70 Michelin – starred restaurants that include 10 with three stars.

And the café culture will make you never ever leave Paris.


  1. Shopping Hub

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A trip to Paris

With best vintage markets of Europe, one of the best things to do in Paris is Shopping. Without exploring Boulevard Saint Germain, Bon Marché, Rue du Commerce, Calais Royal and Les Halle’s, your trip to Paris would be incomplete.


  1. Theme Parks

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The authentic theme parks located on the out skirts of Paris will take you into astonishing Disney world. Their architectural treasures over an area of 5 hectares, miniatures, models and electric trains guarantee thrill.

Parc Asterix News, La Merde Sable, Foire Du Trône, Sherwood Parc in Seugy, Aventure Land, and many other electrifying Parisian theme parks are the best places to visit in Paris.


Places to visit in Paris


  1. Eiffel Tower

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Well, it needs no description.

Eiffel Tower, the most iconic construction in the world, is the chief Paris’s attraction.


9. History

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The capital of France, Paris is wide spread in an area of 41 square miles. Paris has so much history to see including Notre Dame – the great Gothic Cathedral; La Conciergerie – the prison and the Palace of Versailles.


  1. Night life in Paris

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Paris is a city, you’ll find twinkling every hour of the night.

Le Bar Long, Café Beaubourg, Le Café’s Marly, Silencio, Café De Flore, Candelaria and plenty other interesting places exist to have fun at night in Paris.

Apart from the night club, you can also entertain yourself with the great shows at places such as the Lido, the Moulin Rouge, and the Crazy Horse.

Why Visit Paris

  1. Rock festival

 visit paris

Rock en Seine, a three – day multi – genre musical festival in Paris witness musicians from all walks from Rock – Megastar and Indie icons to DJs, popstars etc. in addition to extensive artistic elements and a Mini Rock Seine Festival away from the big crowds.


  1. Museums

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Paris is home to illustrious cultural attractions that include Musée Picasso,  Musée Rodin, Musée du Montparnasse and Musée National D’Art Moderne, and Louvre – the world’s greatest museum.


11. The Thirst Triangle

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The three streets located in just north of St. Sulpice place, i.e. Rue des Canettes, Rue Guidance and Rue Princesses, unitedly called as the thirst Triangle are one among the nameable Paris’s points of interest.


  1. Finest Art

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Fondation Cartier, Modus art gallery, La Maréchalerie, Galerie Xippas and la Maison Rouge are few of established and contemporary art galleries.

No other city in the world would show you the finest Art you will encounter here.

And the finest Arts of Paris are prodigious attractions for tourists in Paris.


  1. Monuments

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Notre – Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Sacré Coeur, Panthéon, Opéra Garner, Les Invalided and Centre Pompidou are few of unmissable and enchanting monuments in Paris.

No wonder, Paris is the most visited capital of the world.


  1. And the most important – A boat trip on River Seine

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Travel to Paris

A boat trip on River Seine will be the highlight of your Paris trip. Travel to Paris and enjoy the fabulous dinner cruise on the River Seine with different fascinating and enchanting views of historical buildings and bridges on every curve.


All this and a lot more awaits you in Paris.


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