yogi adityanath

Yogi Adityanath- A Ray Of Hope

Yogi Adityanath- A Ray Of Hope…

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Yogi…..Yogi……..Yogi………..Now this is the scenario of India, where the people are happy with CM Yogi Adityanath and their happiness is at a high peak. The work of New CM is so impressive for everybody. People focused that he is completing his promises or not?

yogi adityanath

The government made so many emergency calls for the victim to call for help, but it could not able to degrade the rape cases, but the work of Yogi is appreciable. Everywhere is Yogi……………Yogi……..Yogi

UTTAR PRADESH People believe that UP would be Geruwa after 2 years. At the age of 18, he decided not to marry. He started her career as a Sadhu. Then, he became an MLA from the Gorakhpur. After winning the heart of people, BJP chose him as a CM of Uttar Pradesh. He is known for his rigidity in Hindu. The determination power of yogi indicates that he is faithful to the promises.

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Your dream India would  build up, but the life wants some time to make it true. After getting the CM chair, he starts to complete his target. Do work with, full of energy, Focus on your subject.  Yogi starts Anti-Romio Abhiyaan. He said that Uttar Pradesh will be targeted to develop in the terms of economic, social and environmental. The main purpose of Yogi is to make the UP as “RAMRAJYA”.Now it’s depends on him would he do or not?

Through the power of Yogi, corrupt leaders are in trouble because they are not able to do anything. Now-a days, he is in limelight, so the song.”Duty tite kare hai DM, yogi ji ban gail CM” has become in the youth.

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.The condition of UP is changing day by day. Now, The Girls don’t fear to go outside, because Yogi is there to protect them. The works of police have increased.

What a treatment of the harassment with girls………The ANTI ROMIO SQUAD. This action depicts that change may come, but it’s depend on future that it will work or not. No Romeo will be there, but will it be happened?

Well , let’s just wait and watch. Fingers crossed…



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